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Ideas and resources on this page are useful for tips on taking photographs and shooting movie footage. Shot angles is about change the 'view' of the camera. Angle of shot also can help create mood and emotion.


Hold the camera at your eye level or the subject's eye level - eye level view

Bird's Eye View

Get high and point your camera down as if you are looking down - bird's eye view or 'giant's view'

Worm's Eye View

Get low and point your camera upwards - worm's eye view or 'possum's view'

Snail's View

Hold the camera low to look along an object - 'snail's view'

Tilted Shot or View

Hold the camera at a tilted angle

More great websites & resources

Rachel Boyd has some amazing resources aimed at junior students that you can download to use in your classroom: Creating Shutterbugs - Digital Photography in the Classroom. Rachel uses the terms: snail's view, giant's view and possum's view (see above).

Daniel Chandler on his website 'The Grammar & Language of Film' gives a fantastic description of shot angles - definitely worth checking out.

Shot Angle Examples

What types of shot angle can you see in this movie?