What is Kids Can Film? What is Flick-It-On!?
Our Aims | Flick-It-On! Rotations | Linking Literacy | E-Competences & Key Competencies | More Information Kids Can Film was a project developed by Lead & Support E-Learning Teachers from the Whakatu Cluster in Nelson, New Zealand in 2010.

The project has now been running for many years, and has developed from a 3 day film festival to the film making challenge...
an annual film event where students collaboratively and creatively produce a digital narrative from across many different schools.

Our Aims

To operate an enriching film school project to:
  • grow student learning through the effective use of film
  • enable students communicate their ideas through digital literacies
  • support collaborative teacher professional learning and sharing

Flick-It-On! Rotations

Different schools are grouped together to collaboratively create a movie in 3 rotations. Each school creates a silent movie based on their interpretations of a theme or concept. This silent film is “flicked on” to the next school in the rotation to add sound effects and voice over, then “flicked on” a third time to add music. In each rotation the students add credits at the end of the movie to say who has worked on that part of the project. The final versions are shared in a “Flick it on! Film Premiere” held at locals venues.


Linking Literacy

“Flick it on!” makes a difference to student literacy outcomes. The digital film making experience is filled with authentic opportunities for engaging with multiple literacies across all the NZC learning areas. For example, students are involved in making and creating meaning in English, and in solving problems using the arts and mathematics. It is a fantastic opportunities for students to use digital literacies.

E-Competences & Key Competencies

The experience develops student capabilities in the key competencies, and e-competencies (e-awareness, media literacy, digital literacy and technological literacy)

More Information

How Flick-It-On! works. Filmed at ULearn12 (October 2012). Note Flick-It-On! has evolved into 3 rotations.

Collaborative student film making challenge from EDtalks on Vimeo.

Bec Power talks about the power of collaborative projects (including Flick-It-On!) at ULearn 2012

Stop! Collaborate and listen from EDtalks on Vimeo.

Nayland Primary Share their learning - including the Flick it On Film making challenge... Kellie McRobert, Jamie Power & Bec Power