Emotive Photography
A key skill students can develop for making movies is emotive photography. Read this page and it's links to learn how to take different types of shot and how to use angle to create an emotive response from the viewer.

Look at photographs or clips from movies and ask yourself:

  • What are the elements of each shot that make it so powerful?

  • Is it the subject or the surroundings?

The subject can be a person or an object. The surrounding is the background. Emotions are feelings for example; happy, sad, frightened, lonely, upset, loved etc.
  • What emotion do you believe the photographer is attempting to show?

Thank you to Jean Edwards for inspiring us in our first ever Film Festival (2010) to teach emotive photography.


Watch this video made by the documentary team to see some of the emotive photography shot by the students at the Kidz Cannes Film Festival 2010.