Read this page for tips on organising Flick-It -On! in your classroom
The silent movie - Rotation 1

The silent movie - Rotation 1

Step 1. Read the information leaflet about how Flick-It-On works!

Step 2. Complete the application form: Join Flick-It-On! 2013

Step 3. Explore the theme with your students - brainstorm, use SOLO Taxonomy, a KWL chart its totally up to you!

Step 4. Writing a synopsis for your film.

Step 5. Storyboard your film. There are so many ways to do this!
storyboard.jpg storyboard 3.jpg

Step 6. Film

Step 7. Download footage and create a movie in iMovie or Windows Movie Maker

Step 8. Complete your groups Google Doc - adding what you would like on the credits for this rotation

Step 9. Complete release forms and send to your group coordinator (acting, performances, film footage, stills, artworks etc.)