This page contains information about licensing, student copyright, copyright free & copyrighted materials.
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This includes students that have a starring role in movies - acting, voice over, singing, music they have created etc. Acknowledge the child/children as the creator or star in the credits.

You MUST check your school's general copyright permission form that individual students & their parents sign at your school, to see if individual students are allowed to be photographed, filmed, or have their voice recorded.

If your school's policy is not to name individual students you can credit the class and school e.g. Room 4 at Upper Moutere School OR Students at Upper Moutere

If your school does not have a general copyright permission form you can find helpful information at:


If using music, still or moving images which your students have not created them selves, you must ensure that it is copyright free OR under a creative commons license OR that you have the creator's permission to use. You must acknowledge the creators in the credits. For example:

Music: iMovie Jingles Alliance.caf

Sound Effects: from

Release Forms

Only complete the following licensing forms if you are using copyrighted material. The owner of the music, image, sound effects, movie footage MUST sign the release form. Please scan and send to on of the Flick-It-On! organisers. Do not complete these forms if students at your school have created the content (see student copyright information above).

To find out more about copyright check the following web page:


Both of the above links are advice for New Zealand Schools. CHECK your school's/state's/country's rules for copyright permissions for students and copyrighted materials.

Where will the films be seen?

The Flick-It-On! movies that your students create will be uploaded to Vimeo and added to this wiki.